What is Food For Thought?

Check out each Food For Thought fundraiser below - your help with these fundraisers is greatly appreciated! Sending your contributions in to school contained in bags, envelopes, rubber bands or paperclips is also appreciated!

Giant A+ School Rewards

When you filled out your Infosnap information you were prompted to input your rewards card number for the school to participate in the program. If you didn't do it then, or are a new rewards member, never fear! Simply send your number into the PTO and you'll be signed up!

Redner's Save a Tape

Through this program, the PTO receives a percentage of the total amount spent at a Redner's market when you use your Redner's rewards card. When you are finished with the receipt, send the entire thing in with your student for the PTO to collect and process.

Turkey Hill Moo Money

If you use Turkey Hill milk, send in your rinsed bottle caps with your student. Every one is worth 5 cents to the school!

Our current school coordinator is Travis Johnson.

Box Tops

Many of the products you already buy during your grocery shopping come with Box Top coupons on them, or you may receive Box Top certificates when you check out. Clip the coupons off the boxes and send those and the certificates into the school with your student. Each is worth 10 cents. There is also a Box Top app for extra coupons!

Our current school coordinator is Amy Payne.