Fundraising - Why Your Support Matters!
Sometimes, it feels like there is fundraiser after fundraiser...
Which is why your PTO board keeps striving to find new, interesting and, most of all, EASY fundraisers. Unfortunately, they are an important part of giving your students the best school experience possible. Fundraisers allow us to help teachers purchase classroom supplies. We can purchase classroom technology and projects for Innovation Lab. Because of fundraisers, we can give scholarships to those in need for Girls on the Run and provide educational assemblies. And we can run events like Movie Night and Winter Dance.

So we're asking you to participate when you're able and spread the word to your family and friends -- every time you do, you are supporting your school and your student's school experience!

What a Crock Meals
Another new fundraiser for this school year, What a Crock brings delicious and easy dinners right to you! There are many different dinners, dips and tasty treats to choose from in a variety of portion sizes. And for those with allergy concerns, check out their nut- and gluten-free options!

This fundraiser will run through the end of the school year.